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Tank or Tankless: The Great Water Heater Debate Rages On!

March 19th, 2018

tank-water-heaterOf all the appliances that you use in your home, your water heater in Boulder, CO is definitely one of the most heavily used. Modern water heaters are really built to last but, like any other appliance, you will have to replace yours eventually. When the time comes to replace your water heater, or if you are purchasing one to install in a brand new home, you really need to consider your options carefully.

You don’t need to stick with what you’ve always used, and the truth is that both tank and tankless water heaters have their pros and cons. This is precisely what we are going to be looking at today. We cannot tell you for certain which water heater is right for your unique situation in a blog post, of course. However, we can help you to determine which one best suits you, and we’re happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

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Having Company? Have Some Plumbing Tips!

March 5th, 2018

washing-dishesEveryone wants to be a good host when having company over. Some of us are so desperate to be a good host, actually, that we become so focused on politeness and hosting that we let obvious issues slide. It’s just one night, you may tell yourself, or well, I’ll say something next time. That may be fine in certain scenarios, but that kind of permissive attitude can really lead to a lot of problems when it comes to your residential plumbing system.

Your bathroom and kitchen plumbing in Colorado Springs, CO can really take a beating when you have more people than usual in your home. As the homeowner, it is up to you to do everything possible to prevent any such problems. It’s not a matter of policing your guests, of course. Just let them know if any special considerations need to be made. Here are a few tips to help you prevent plumbing problems when hosting company in your home. 

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Can I Tune Up My Own Heater?

February 19th, 2018

furnace-technicianAre you one of those homeowners that just refuses to pay someone to come to your home and do a job that you can handle on your own with a bit of time and effort? Then more power to you! Are you one of those homeowners that gets in over his or her head due to the fact that you have an unrealistic view of your own capabilities? Then this is the blog for you. Don’t put your heater at risk!

We understand and appreciate the DIY work ethic, but the most responsible homeowners are those that understand that some jobs simply must be left to trained professionals. Heater maintenance in Centennial, CO is one of those jobs. No matter how mechanically inclined you may be, you are not qualified to do this type of work if you are not a professional HVAC technician. It is more complex than you may realize,  and attempting to tune up your heater on your own can lead to serious trouble.

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Tips for More Efficient Heating

February 5th, 2018

save-moneyYou don’t need a meteorologist to point out that our winter weather can get very cold around here. What you may need help with, however, is cutting down on your heating costs. We’ve got a few tips in today’s post to help you do just that. There are a lot of ways in which to enjoy more efficient heating in Boulder, CO, of course. We’re  going to be focusing exclusively on simple and affordable options today, though. Everybody knows that investing in new, efficient equipment is an option, but it’s not one that everyone can afford.

Keep the following information in mind, and do not hesitate to contact a member of our team if you have any questions or concerns about your heater or its overall efficiency. We cannot magically make your heater work at a higher efficiency level than it is capable of,  obviously, but we can help to ensure that you get the most efficient performance that your heater has to offer. You deserve to live comfortably without draining your bank account over the course of the winter, after all.

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Why Is My Heater Shutting Down So Soon?

January 22nd, 2018

dog-under-blanketSome people seem to think that the fact that their heaters are starting up when temperatures get too chilly for comfort means that those heaters are operating properly. That is not necessarily the case, though, particularly not when the heater is starting up again, and again, and again. If your heater is cycling on, but only running for a brief amount of time before cycling back down, then it is short cycling. This is a much bigger problem than some may realize.

Today we’ll help you to better understand precisely what can cause short cycling, as well as the issues that can develop when the problem is left unresolved. We think that you’ll agree when we say that it is definitely a problem that you do not want to ignore. Be sure to give a member of our team a call if you notice your system short cycling, or if you suspect the need for heating repair in Golden, CO for any other reason.

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Heating Pro Tip: Furnaces Favor Fresh Filters

January 8th, 2018

air-filter-closeupDo you use a furnace in order to heat your home? If so, then you are no doubt already familiar with the many benefits of doing so. Furnaces, both gas and electric models, can be quite efficient, and their method of heating air and then distributing that heated air throughout the house via a set of ductwork allows for the prompt, effective heating of one’s home. When you invest in a great furnace and have it tuned up annually, you can expect years of great heating output.

Or, at least, you can when you do your part. While routine maintenance is definitely a must, there is one maintenance task that you really need to take charge of on your own when it comes to successful heating in Thornton, CO. That is the regular changing of the air filter in your furnace. This air filter plays a vital role in the function of your furnace—though it may not be precisely what you think it is.

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Ask the Pros: What is Radiant Heating?

December 25th, 2017

radiant-in-floor-heatingHeating your home effectively is a must here in Colorado, where winter weather can and will get quite cold indeed. If you are ready to install a heating system in a brand new property, or if you want to replace your existing heating system with something new, then you should definitely consider a radiant heating system. With a good radiant heating system, you can enjoy a dependable and efficient heating performance—provided that you work with a qualified HVAC company in Aurora, CO.

In today’s post, we are going to help you better understand how it is that radiant heating works, as well as some reasons why you may choose to utilize radiant heating rather than forced air heating in your home. As is the case with any heater, of course, radiant heating is not going to be ideal for every single homeowner or every single home. If you think that it may be right for you and yours, however, we’re the pros to call.

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Common Signs of Electrical Problems

December 11th, 2017

light-bulbMost modern homeowners would find the notion of living in a house without electricity laughable. Regardless of whether you use electricity from the grid, or you’ve opted for a solar energy system on your property, the fact remains that electricity is one of the greatest resources that we have in this day and age. That is why electrical problems of any kind are so troubling—well, that and the fact that electrical problems could also prove dangerous.

Today, the professional electricians on our team want to help you to better understand the ways in which problems with your electrical system may manifest themselves. Learning what to keep an eye out for can help you to catch such problems early on, and to have them professionally repaired before real damage is done to your system and your property. Don’t ignore signs of trouble, only to learn the hard way that dealing with electrical problems promptly is vital. Schedule electrical services in Thornton, CO with us ASAP!

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Is My Toilet Leaking?

November 27th, 2017

What do you think of first and foremost when you hear the word “plumbing“? A lot of people would immediately answer with “bathroom” if this were a word association game—though we’re admittedly not sure why you’d be playing a plumbing word association game to begin with. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that your bathroom is something of a central hub for your plumbing system. Its sink, shower/bathtub, and yes, toilet, are all integral parts of your daily routine.

That is exactly why experiencing a problem with your bathroom plumbing in Colorado Springs, CO is so troubling. Sure, you may have a kitchen sink that you can use, and maybe you can skip a shower for a day until the problem is resolved. When the issue lies with your toilet, though, you don’t really have much in the way of a backup plan. That is why you should learn to recognize a leaking toilet, and remember to schedule prompt bathroom plumbing services in such scenarios.

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How Furnace Maintenance Benefits You

November 13th, 2017

chilly-manCertain areas of the country, such as Miami or Phoenix, may not give their heating systems that much attention in the time leading up to the winter season. We still think that they should, because even mild winters can be uncomfortable when a heater fails to operated properly, but the fact is that their winters really pale in comparison to the extreme heat of their long summer seasons. Here in Colorado, though, we know that the winter weather can really pack a wallop!

That is why we strongly urge you to schedule routine furnace maintenance in Denver, CO before the cold weather arrives once more. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll be happy that you chose to do so. The last thing that you want is to discover the hard way that your furnace just is not up to the task of heating your home effectively — or safely, for that matter. Let our technicians get your furnace back into fighting shape. 

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