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Solar Panels, Energy Storage, & EV Chargers in Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock’s Local Solar Experts

Since 1978, Cooper Heating & Cooling has led the way in energy efficiency and sustainability in Castle Rock. We specialize in solar panel installations, energy storage, and EV charger solutions, aiming to make your home energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Our mission is to help Castle Rock homeowners embrace solar power, offering durable, hail-resistant solar panels with industry-leading warranties.

Beyond installations, we excel in solar panel repair and maintenance and can assist with moving your system to ensure it operates optimally. Our team is skilled across various panel types, and with smart panels, solar batteries, and microinverters, we enhance your energy independence and control.

Choose Cooper Heating & Cooling for a greener future powered by clean energy. With attractive financing, rebates, and incentives, there’s never been a better time to switch to solar. Trust us for quality, sustainable solar solutions tailored to Castle Rock.

30% +

How much you can save on panels with government incentives

80% +

Lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels

Up to 100%

How much you’ll save on your energy bills every month

Solar Panels in Castle Rock

The Cooper Green Team wants to keep Colorado green and beautiful for generations to come. And we’re doing our part by helping homeowners install the latest solar panels from the highest-rated brands in the industry. We work harder than any other contractor to give our solar installers the best training and equipment around. We also go the extra mile to identify all available rebates and tax credits, ensuring our customers spend less than the average homeowner on their panels. Last but not least, because Cooper has both a solar AND an electrical division, your entire installation can be completed in-house by us, your friends at Cooper. Ready to get started? Call and book your complimentary estimate from the Cooper Green Team today!

Our solar panel services include:

EV Charging Stations in Castle Rock

The Cooper Green Team’s new solar division is dedicated to making EV ownership more affordable AND more convenient. We’re accomplishing this task by helping homeowners in Colorado install the latest EV charging stations, including Level-2 chargers that can recharge your vehicle from empty to full overnight. The bottom line: call Cooper for a free EV charger estimate and wave goodbye to unpredictable gas prices and harmful emissions. Let’s work together to create a more sustainable future!

Our EV charging station services include:

Smart Electrical Panels in Castle Rock

Smart electrical panels when combined with solar energy are giving homeowners more control over their energy usage and energy bills than ever before. The secret to their success is the real-time information these systems provide. You can manage energy usage from your phone, gain insights into how you spend your energy, and make changes that can save you a fortune in energy expenses. Cooper installs some of the most popular panel brands and models in the industry, and can help you make sense of your options during a free consultation.

Our smart electrical panel services include:

  • Residential smart electrical panels

Energy Storage & Microinverters in Castle Rock

The Cooper Green Team is helping homeowners across the state of Colorado harness the energy of the sun, even at night or when it’s cloudy outside! We accomplish this by installing the latest solar battery backups and microinverters for our customers. Cooper has partnered with FranklinWH to offer AC-coupled batteries that can be installed as an accessory to most existing solar systems. These systems when paired with solar panels means independence from the grid and affordable energy for use whenever you need it. Contact us for a free estimate today and learn how to make use of your excess solar power while also enjoying peace of mind during power outages.

Our energy storage & microinverter services include:

How Cooper Heating & Cooling Solved a Complex Solar Panel Issue with Expertise and Care

Problem: Andy S. found himself in a challenging situation when he discovered that his solar panel system required a complex repair. This wasn't a straightforward fix; it involved intricate work that needed not just technical skills but also thoughtful consideration to address effectively. Seeking a reliable service that could handle such a nuanced task, Andy turned to Cooper Heating & Cooling, hoping for a solution that matched the complexity of the problem with expertise and care.

Solution: Demonstrating both a high level of proficiency and a thoughtful approach to the complicated repair, Cooper’s solar technician managed to address the issue effectively, restoring functionality to Andy's solar panel system. His methodical and careful handling of the repair left a strong impression on Andy, who appreciated the attention to detail and the dedication to resolving the problem efficiently. Andy's positive experience with Cooper Heating & Cooling led him to recommend their services, highlighting their ability to tackle even the most challenging solar panel repairs with skill and consideration.

"I would recommend Cooper…"

Darian did a good job and was thoughtful in how he approached a complicated repair. I would recommend Cooper H&P.

—Andy S.

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