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How Much Does It Cost to Tune-Up a Furnace in Colorado?

On average, you can pay anywhere from $129 to $179 for furnace maintenance in Colorado.

The cost of furnace maintenance varies depending on two main factors:

We’ll look at these factors in more detail below. And also cover how you can save money on furnace maintenance. But first, let’s review why it’s important to have your furnace maintained to begin with.

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Why Should I Get My Furnace Maintained?

When your furnace has been properly maintained, it runs more efficiently, which provides benefits like: 

  • Longer lifespan: More efficient furnaces last longer because they aren’t overworking themselves to heat your home.
  • Lower energy bills: A more efficient furnace means you’ll spend less money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Decreased breakdowns: During a maintenance visit, your HVAC technician can spot smaller problems before they snowball into pricey problems.

Cost Factor #1: The Maintenance Checklist

Most HVAC contractors compile a maintenance checklist for their technicians to use. The checklist consists of all the furnace parts the technicians will clean and inspect during. The more points the checklist covers, the more thorough the tune-up, which increases the cost. 

You’ll want to look for a contractor that fulfills at least the bare minimum of what should be covered during a furnace tune-up, according to Energy Star:

  • Check thermostat settings
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check the furnace condensate drain for any clogs
  • Test and inspect all furnace controls
  • Verify that the gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger are all properly working 
  • Check if the air filter is dirty and replacing if needed

Note: Our 21-point furnace tune-up covers all of Energy Star’s requirements and more.

Cost Factor #2: The Quality of the Contractor You Hire

Generally, high-quality contractors will charge more for furnace maintenance. 

While some contractors may have lower maintenance costs, they tend to skimp on the number of furnace parts they check during maintenance so they can make a profit. 

So, how do you find a high-quality HVAC contractor? You’ll want to look for the following signs: 

  • A contractor who is licensed and insured in the state of Colorado
  • A contractor who has good reviews on Google and Facebook
  • A contractor who guarantees their work
  • A contractor who provides upfront pricing

Enroll in a Furnace Maintenance Plan to Save Money on Your Furnace Tune-up

Most HVAC contractors offer maintenance plans in addition to one-time furnace tune-ups. Maintenance plans can help you save money in the long run. 

Maintenance plans usually involve paying an annual fee. The fee is typically offset by plan perks, which can make the plan more cost-effective than doing one-time furnace tune-ups. For example, our Green Club membership provides discounts on services/​repairs and no additional fees for emergency repairs.

Want Convenient, Fast Furnace Maintenance? Contact Cooper Green Team

Want Convenient, Fast Furnace Maintenance? Contact Cooper Green Team

Luke Cooper