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Colorado homeowners have trusted the Cooper Green Team with their plumbing repairs, installs, and maintenance since 1978. In the 45 years that’s followed, we’ve worked hard to build a company with the fastest response times, strongest customer protections, and the most qualified plumbers in the state of Colorado. With over 2,000 5‑star reviews and counting, we think that hard work has paid off. Call us today and see what makes Cooper the most trusted plumbing contractor in the state!

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Tank & Tankless Water Heaters

Tank Water Heater Repairs

We'll send a licensed plumber to diagnose your water heater issue and introduce you to possible repair options. We're open 24/7 for emergencies and resolve most issues in just one visit to your home.

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Time to complete: About 1.5 hours
  • Price range: $308 to $4,492

Tank Water Heater Installations

Is your water heater on its last leg? The Cooper Green Team can have a replacement installed as early as tomorrow. We have a variety of tank water heaters to choose from and will find one that is perfect for your family's budget and hot water needs.

  • FREE estimates
  • Time to complete: About 3.5 hours
  • Price range: $2,800 to $10,989

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

A licensed professional from Cooper needs just an hour or two on average to diagnose and repair your tankless water heater. We repair all of the most popular tankless systems and resolve most issues in one visit to your home.

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Time to complete: About 2 hours
  • Price range: $275 to $2,500

Tankless Water Heater Installations

Who doesn't love instant hot water? Tankless systems are more efficient than their tank counterparts and can be sized to match your family's hot water needs. Give us a call and book your free estimate today. We'll find you the perfect system and install it in less than a day.

  • FREE estimates
  • Time to complete: About a day
  • Price range: $5,500 to $9,800

Water Quality & Pipes

Pipe Repair

A Cooper plumbing professional will assess your pipes and give you an upfront quote for the repair. We also have the tools to detect possible leaks in your piping. If you're having water pressure or flooding issues, call us!

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Time to complete: About 1 or 2 hours
  • Price range: Starting at $250

Whole-Home Repiping

Cooper will send an expert plumber to assess your home's existing pipe infrastructure and estimate the cost of replacing it, all free of charge. Financing options are available upon request and most projects take just two days to complete.

  • FREE estimates
  • Time to complete: About 2 days
  • Price range: Starting at $7,000

Water Softeners

One of our experienced plumbers will introduce you to a number of water softener systems, making sure to take your budget into account when sharing options. Your expert will answer any questions you have about the system, and may even be able to install the system that same day. Financing is available upon request.

  • FREE estimates
  • Time to complete: About 4 hours
  • Price range: $2,600 to $3,640

Water Treatment & Filtration Systems

Cooper offers a huge selection of water filters, filtration devices, and reverse osmosis systems for residents across Colorado. Whether you need a new system installed or have an existing system that needs repairs, our experts are here to help the job go right.

  • FREE estimates
  • Time to complete: About 2 hours
  • Price range: $750 to $2,000

Automatic Shut-Off Valve Services

Our plumbers can help you protect your home from costly water damage and leaks by installing a new automatic shut-off valve or repairing your existing one.

  • FREE estimates
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Price range: Starting at $1,250

Gas Pipeline Repairs & Replacements

The Cooper Green Team repairs all above-ground and in-house gas lines. If you suspect your gas line is leaking, call us—we're here for you 24/7! We also replace existing gas lines and install brand-new ones for homes across Colorado. Our estimates are always free, so get in touch and schedule yours today!

  • FREE estimates
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Price range: $950 to $9,500

Drains & Sewers

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

We'll send an expert drain specialist to locate and remove clogs from any secondary or main sewer drain. Our plumbers arrive with the latest clog-busting equipment, from rooters and hydrojets to drain cameras. When we take out a sewer or drain clog, it stays unclogged!

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • A+ rating from the BBB
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Trenchless Sewer Line & Drain Repairs

Need a mainline sewer or drain repair in Colorado? Call the Cooper Green Team! We provide state-of-the-art trenchless repairs to save you the messy hassle and costly expense of traditional dig methods.

  • Same-day service
  • Saves time & money
  • Licensed plumbers

Backflow Prevention

Cooper installs, tests, and maintains backflow prevention devices (BPDs) for homes across Colorado. These devices work hard to ensure water flow never reverses (potentially contaminating your drinking water!)

  • FREE estimates
  • Time to complete: About 3 hours
  • Price range: $750 to $3,000

Sump Pump Services

Whether you have a minor issue with the battery backup function of your sump pump or your entire device needs to be replaced, we make sure the job is taken care of professionally at a price you're comfortable with.

  • Same-day service available
  • Time to complete: About 2 hours
  • Price range: $750 to $2,500

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Kitchen Plumbing Appliances

The Cooper Green Team repairs all sorts of kitchen fixtures every year, from leaky faucets to clogged garbage disposals. And if you have a big remodel coming up, we'll install that kitchen sink or new faucet for you, too!

  • Same-day service available
  • Time to complete: About 2 hours
  • Price range: $250 to $2,000

Bathroom Plumbing Appliances

Have a bath or shower that's in need of repair or replacement? Maybe you're battling a tough clog in your toilet or bathroom sink. Regardless of the issue, Cooper is here for you with same-day repairs and fast replacements on a variety of bathroom fixtures.

  • Same-day service available
  • Time to complete: About 2 hours
  • Price range: $250 to $3,500

Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Tank Water Heater Flush

One of our licensed tank water heater experts will perform a complete flush of your water heater to remove built-up sediment. Water is safely removed from the home and the area is thoroughly cleaned before we leave.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day service
  • Licensed plumbers

Water Treatment Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is a must for water filtration systems. Our team provides thorough maintenance services so that your home's water treatment appliances live longer and perform better.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Time to complete: About 1.5 hours
  • Price range: $129 to $300

Drain & Pipe Video Inspections

Have a leak or a plumbing problem? Our drain and pipe inspection services let our plumbers identify issues without any digging or demolition. We also use this service as preventative maintenance, to help us catch issues before they become expensive problems.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day service
  • Licensed plumbers

Green Club Mainte­nance Plan

With our Green Club Membership maintenance program, you can experience comfort year-round along with priority benefits like:

  • Reduced emergency service fees
  • 2 tune-ups/year (heating + cooling)
  • 10% discount on repairs and installs
  • 1-year labor warranty on all repairs

Commercial Plumbing Services

Cooper's plumbing division is licensed, insured, and here for all of your commercial plumbing system needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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"New water heater…completed in just four hours."

Brendan Dugan and Paul from Cooper came out to give an estimate on a hot water heater replacement. Brendan created a quote within 5 minutes. The installation of the new water heater to replace the old 20-year water heater we had (lots of work to bring up to code) was completed in just 4 hours. Thanks again to Brendan & Paul!

—T.F. | Colorado Homeowner

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