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How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

If you need sewer line repairs, we’ll bet pictures of a muddy, messy, dug-up yard come to mind. Well, good news. There are now trenchless sewer repair methods that can often be performed with limited to no digging. That means no more worrying about your beautiful landscaping or dealing with the hassle of cleanup. You can have pipes repaired, patched, and whole sections of piping replaced with trenchless methods.

To further explain how trenchless sewer repairs work, let’s review:

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Trench vs. Trenchless Sewer Repairs

In previous years, sewer repairs have required a trench-based approach, involving extensive digging with heavy equipment to remove and replace the sewer line. Added expenses can include connecting to the city sewer line, cutting through the edge of the street, and directing traffic around while work is in progress. This was a big headache that was begging for an innovative new approach. 

With newer trenchless sewer repair methods, plumbing contractors can now access sewer lines well below ground– without digging through the ground or yard for access. By harnessing video cameras that can pinpoint the exact location of damage and various other methods like pipelining, coating, and hydro jetting, your sewer line can be repaired with minimal disruptions to your life and property.

Main Types of Trenchless Methods and How They Work

There are 5 main types of trenchless sewer repairs: Pipe coating, pipelining, sectional liners, hydro jetting, and descaling methods.

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement methods use composite epoxy materials designed to last a long time. Just as with digging and replacing, these processes let you restore the pipe and enjoy secure, smoothly-flowing pipes for decades to come. With this method, contractors take a look inside your sewer line, note the problems that are giving you trouble and any others that are developing, and create a trenchless repair plan. Trenchless techniques have been in use for about 15 years, and as a company that’s been in business since 1978, we’ve had plenty of chances to see how well it lasts. Our team has also developed a deep knowledge of how trenchless sewer repair works under many different conditions, with a wide variety of sewer line damage. We offer 1‑year renewable labor warranties, and free estimates on all new installations, so it’s easier to find out how big a difference trenchless sewer repair can make for you.

Pipe Coating

Coating can be an excellent way to get new life out of older sewer lines in established properties, such as those made of cast iron. Coating provides a durable layer of epoxy composite to secure a more aged, well-worn pipe and avoid leaks and further breakdown of materials. The coating uses the original pipe to form the new path through which your sewer materials will flow. Coating is performed through access points, requiring minimal digging, and leaves your beautiful yard intact. You don’t have to worry about replacing landscaping or reseeding your lawn afterward, and heavy equipment digging there is not part of the plan. Our highly trained technicians will tread lightly on your property.


Running a composite replacement pipe is a similar process to coating, but provides a continuous pipe replacement inside the existing one. There are no joints, and no way for root intrusions to occur, which prevents one of the most common premature sewer line issues. Lining also happens underground, preserving your yard and anything built above your sewer lines, such as a deck or patio. Lining is a versatile process that can be used for other pipes at risk of failure as well, providing decades of worry-free replacement with a pipe within a pipe. It’s no wonder we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with such a straightforward, low-impact way to perform challenging pipe repairs. We’ll take your home’s major plumbing off your list of homeowner concerns!

Sectional Liners

With pinpoint accuracy, thanks to video, we can also provide sectional liners, or sectional point repair. It secures a specific area of your pipe facing challenges, such as corrosion damage, weight from above, or the early stages of root intrusion. When a leak in your sewer line is pinpointed and a candidate for sectional repair, we’ll provide a durable, long-lasting patch. This saves time and cost, targeting one part of the pipe instead of replacing or lining the whole distance.

Hydro Jetting

You may be familiar with hydro jetting for its powerful advantages when we’re cleaning your drains or blasting a clog in your sewer line. It uses thousands of PSI to clear pipes and essentially scrape away greasy, oily layers and mineral deposits from hard water that cling to the pipe. Hydro jetting is an excellent way to prepare the inside of the pipe for the best adhesion of coating, lining, and section patch processes.


When you have high amounts of minerals in your water, known as hard water, you find scale accumulating everywhere in your home’s pipes and appliances. Your sewer line is no exception, and scale buildup can be significant enough to narrow the path through the pipe and limit flow. Trenchless descaling opens the pipe using a specially designed machine, removing years of buildup while the pipe remains in place and the ground above it remains largely intact.

How to Find a Trustworthy Trenchless Specialist

Trenchless pipe repairs require an expert knowledge of plumbing that allows the highly-trained technician to perform repairs while pipes remain underground. Remotely guided by video, the expert needs to recognize signs of damage to the pipe and evaluate its condition carefully. Selecting the right trenchless repair technique requires experience, and the resulting carefully hydro jetted and restored pipe needs to last a long time. At Cooper Heating and Cooling, we’ve been growing our plumbing expertise in Colorado for over 40 years, making us an ideal provider of trenchless repairs for your home’s underground lines. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and fast and convenient scheduling. We frequently receive awards from Angi to ColoradoBiz magazine and the Denver Business Journal, plus a BBB A+ rating and thousands of 5‑star customer reviews!

Whether you want to get the details on trenchless sewer repair or start planning a repair for your sewer line and pipes today, we’re here for you at Cooper Heating and Cooling.

Our experienced team will keep your yard beautiful and restore your sewer functionality with lasting repairs. Schedule an appointment with our Cooper Green team today!

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