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Cost of Tankless Water Heaters in Colorado

Tankless water heaters provide long-term energy savings.

In Colorado, tankless water heaters cost about $6,045 to install. While that’s considerably more expensive than tank systems (which average about $3,000 to install), you can see greater energy savings long-term.

Because tankless water heaters only heat water as you use it, they’re much more energy-efficient. In fact, tankless systems use up to 34% less energy than tank versions. Depending on the cost of electricity or natural gas in your area, the energy savings of a tankless water heater could be worth the upfront investment. 

To help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home, let’s review the cost factors involved with tankless water heaters:

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Type of Tankless System

Some types of tankless water heaters are more expensive than others. It comes down to the technology used for the design and the way it performs. Here are some terms you may see when comparing tankless water heater installation costs: 

  • Whole-House – These water heaters are designed to provide hot water for the entire household. Large homes may require multiple water heaters to meet demand in all rooms. 
  • Single-Point – These water heaters are installed close to a bathroom or another single room that needs hot water. They provide hot water to that one room alone. 
  • Condensing – These water heaters use high-temperature exhaust to heat your water. They utilize some of the most advanced technology available today. 
  • Non-Condensing – The first tankless water heaters followed this design. You may pay more for installation due to the required stainless steel pipes, but they’re sometimes less expensive to operate and maintain long-term. 

The easiest way to understand the technology behind each tankless water heater design is to speak with an experienced contractor. We’ve been in business at Cooper Heating & Cooling for more than 40 years. Contact our knowledgeable team for a free in-home estimate on a tankless water heater installation, and we’ll guide you toward the best system for your property.

System Size

In general, larger tankless systems cost more to purchase and install. This is due to the increased supply of hot water for your home. 

It’s critical to get the appropriate size water heater for your home. If your tank is too small for your home, you may notice a more limited flow of hot water through your faucets. Or, you’ll notice lukewarm water temperatures as your tankless unit struggles to keep up with household demand. 

On the other hand, if your tankless water heater is too big for your needs, you will waste money on energy. It may not make a noticeable impact, but you will pay to operate a system that isn’t properly sized for your needs. 

At Cooper Heating & Cooling, our highly-skilled plumbers always accurately assess your home’s size and hot water needs. We also offer some of the most energy-efficient tankless water heaters on the market. Get a free upfront quote by calling our friendly customer service team at (720) 605‑7270. Or, book online today.

Electric vs. Gas Fuel

Gas-powered tankless water heaters tend to cost more than electric versions. This is because of the added time it takes to connect gas lines and ensure proper ventilation.

However, natural gas tends to be much less expensive than electricity, so your long-term operating costs of a gas-powered system will likely balance out the extra upfront price.

Of course, natural gas isn’t always available in certain areas. If you need to install a brand new gas line simply for a new water heater, you’re probably better off going with an electric system.

Installation Considerations

When you receive a water heater installation estimate, the quote could include some or all of the following:

  • Tankless water heater purchase price 
  • Installation expenses (labor, vent kits, valves, fittings, etc.) 
  • Any structural modifications to your home 
  • Disposal of old equipment and material 

Not every customer will need to upgrade or alter their property to safely install a tankless water heater. If you had a tankless unit in the past, your home is already set up for a tankless system. But if you’re transitioning from a tank water heater to a tankless unit, then you may have a more extensive and costly installation process. 

At Cooper Heating & Cooling, we provide clear and comprehensive tankless water heater installation estimates. Should your home need any modifications, we’ll let you know upfront. That way, there’s never a surprise bill!

Your Chosen Contractor

Plumbing contractor rates vary. Some can offer lower prices on new tankless water heaters because they have professional connections that give them a discount on the purchase price of each system. Others charge more for their experience and customer guarantees. 

In our view, it’s important to choose a contractor that will install your tankless water heater safely and correctly the first time around. Your household needs reliable hot water each day, but it’s also an expensive piece of equipment that deserves to be protected. If poorly installed by a novice plumber, you risk paying even more for repeat labor work than if you’d hired someone slightly more experienced up front.

When searching for a trustworthy contractor to install your tankless water heater, look for:

  • Proof of licensing and insurance
  • 10 – 15+ years of experience
  • Free upfront estimates (written)
  • Recent 5‑star reviews from happy customers

Moreover, see if the contractor offers financing options to help ease the stress of your tankless water heater costs. At Cooper, we’re proud to offer low and even 0% interest rate options for all of our water heater installations. Learn more by visiting our financing page.

Get Honest Tankless Water Heater Pricing From Colorado’s Most Trusted Plumbing Company.

The only way to determine the exact cost of a tankless water heater system is to discuss your needs with a qualified plumbing professional. The Cooper Green Team provides free in-home estimates for all new water heater installations. Better still, we only install the most energy-efficient water heaters from the industry’s best manufacturers.

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