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How Much Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost in Colorado?

If you have a leak in your sewer line, it’s often an expensive fix. However, modern plumbing methods sometimes offer more affordable repair options. Trenchless sewer repairs are often substantially more affordable than traditional alternatives that require digging up your lawn. In Colorado, trenchless sewer line and drain repairs can cost anywhere from $3,800 to $10,000, with the average repair costing around $7,200.

In this blog, we’ll compare the costs and factors that can affect the price of sewer repairs, including:

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Trenchless vs. Trench Cost Comparison

The EPA states that trenchless sewer repair is almost always advantageous compared to trench options. The dig-and-repair method of traditional sewer repair costs more due to the need for additional construction. It takes longer, requires more materials, and uses more employee hours to get the job done, and the surrounding area returned to pristine condition.

Trenchless sewer repair is fast, reliable, and can be affordable in comparison. The actual cost of the sewer line repair is often more with a trenchless solution, but the lack of cleanup and the need for new landscaping or hardscaping can quickly offset that price difference. Trench sewer line repair can generally cost anywhere from $50-$250 per foot, while trenchless is similar at $60-$250 per foot.

The Length of Pipe That Needs Repair

If you want to know what your costs would be for sewer repair, the single most important factor that impacts price is the length of the pipe that needs repairs. If you only need a foot of pipe and trenchless sewer repair is a good option, it could be a very affordable repair job. Remember, your price is often determined by the foot. If the rate is $150 per foot and you need five feet, you’ll pay more than if the repair only needs three feet of pipe.

Whether You Need to Replace Your Whole Sewer Line

You could face a hefty bill if your entire sewer line needs replacing. If you live in a densely populated area with smaller property lots, you could be looking at a repair of just 25 feet of pipe. If you’re in a more rural area or live in the suburbs, your sewer line could be a lot longer — 75 feet or more. 

You’ll want to have a professional plumber come out and measure the distance to give you a better idea of the length of the pipe. The depth of the pipe can also impact your pricing. After all, a deeper hole takes longer and costs more if you need to use the dig and repair method. In Colorado, where snow is a regular annual event, sewer pipes are buried deeper, making trenchless repair the preferred method when possible.

Other Cost Factors

While, in general, the amount of pipe that needs replacing is the most important factor impacting the cost of your sewer repair (trenched or trenchless), other things can drive your price up or down. Whether or not you need a camera inspection and the contractor you hire will impact your final bill.

Sewer Camera Inspection

If you have a sewer line leak, a camera inspection of the line is often a good idea. Unless you’re already planning to replace your entire sewer line, you’ll want to have a professional plumber look to determine what is causing the problem, whether it needs replacing, or if there is a patch option. 

A full camera inspection is often necessary before a trenchless sewer repair since intrusions like tree roots or a collapsed pipe may make trenchless a no-go. Pipelining is one of the more common methods for trenchless repairs, but it needs a reasonably intact pipe system to work.

The Plumbing Contractor You Hire

Choosing the right plumbing contractor also has a significant impact on price. If you want rock-bottom prices, remember that you often get what you pay for. Before you choose any contractor to work on your home, be sure the check if they are:

  • Licensed and insured. Licensing means they have the skills needed to perform the work as advertised, while insurance is for your peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Ensure the insurance limits are the minimum required for that type of contractor in your area. 
  • Experienced with your chosen sewer repair method. Trenchless sewer repair can include pipe lining, pipe bursting, hydro jetting, and more. Before selecting your contractor, you want to ensure they have the experience needed to perform the work at your expected level. 
  • Well known and with a good reputation. There’s often a reason why a contractor is relatively unknown locally, and it’s because they may not have many satisfied customers passing along recommendations. If you see lots of negative online reviews, there’s often a reason. 

When choosing which company will come to your home, look for one that makes you comfortable and offers reasonable rates.

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