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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Main Sewer Line?

If you’ve noticed sewage water backing up or pooling beneath your crawl spaces, basement or underneath landscaping, you likely have a main sewer line problem. Sewer line problems can cause major water damage and can be a biological hazard for your family, so it’s vital to get them fixed ASAP.

To fix a main sewer line, you’re looking at a cost ranging from $3,000 to $25,000+. That’s a wide range, we know. 

The cost to replace your sewer line is impacted by the following factors:

Below, we’ll explain each of these cost factors in more detail, so you can get a better idea of how much it will cost you to replace your sewer line.

While we can help you ballpark the cost, we can’t tell you exactly how much your main sewer line replacement will cost without a plumber’s assessment. For that, you can schedule a free in-home estimate with Cooper Green Team.

Cost Factor #1: Length of the Pipe

Generally speaking, the more piping you need, the more expensive your sewer line replacement will be. 

You can expect to spend between $3,000-$5,000 if you only need to replace part of a sewer line. If you need to replace the entire sewer line, you can expect to spend $3,000-$25,000+.

The cost to replace your entire sewer line is much higher because more piping is needed which will require more materials and more labor.

A couple of other factors come into play as well, including:

  • Whether or not your flooring needs to be removed or replaced in order for a plumber to reach the location of the sewer line.
  • Whether or not the sewer line is difficult to access. For example, there are obstructions or built-in structures blocking easy access.

Before beginning your sewer line replacement, a plumber should take time to assess the situation and inform you of whether you need to replace the entire sewer line or just a small section of it.

Cost Factor #2: The Method Used (Trench or Trenchless)

There are two different sewer replacement methods: conventional (trench) or trenchless. Trench sewer replacements are usually more expensive than trenchless replacements. 

Trench replacements are more expensive because they require a plumber to dig up your sewer line, which adds cost in the form of labor, tools and cleanup.

Trenchless sewer line repairs are usually cheaper because plumbers typically use a method called pipe lining. This is when a plumber threads a new pipe through an older pipe, only requiring two small holes rather than digging up the entire pipe. 

A plumber will determine which method is best for replacing your sewer line, depending on the situation. For example, you’ll most likely have to use the trench method if you have a broken pipe or there’s a section of piping that’s missing.

Cost Factor #3: Type & Amount of Piping

There are two common materials used for sewer line piping: pipe and copper. Generally, PVC piping is much less expensive ($3 to $5 per foot) than copper piping ($10 to $20 per foot).

After inspecting your sewer line, a plumber will determine the type of piping that’s best for your sewer line. This is typically determined after taking a few factors into account, including your current piping material, local codes, etc.

Cost Factor #4: Company You Hire

More reputable, experienced plumbers typically charge more for their services. 

But when it comes to complex plumbing projects like a sewer line replacement, the cost of paying for an experienced, dependable plumber is worth it. Hiring an inexperienced or cheap” plumber could cost you a lot more in the long run if the work is done incorrectly. 

To find an experienced plumber, we recommend making sure the plumber or company:

  • Is licensed and insured- You can check for this on their website or the BBB
  • Is highly recommended by local homeowners- Google, Facebook, or Yelp
  • Has many years of experience- This is usually listed on their website 
  • Uses quality tools/​materials- Check their website or ask the company/​contractor

Get an Estimate for Your Sewer Line Replacement. Contact the Cooper Green Team

If you need a sewer line replacement, you shouldn’t wait to reach out to a qualified plumber – contact the Cooper Green Team. Our trained and certified plumbers are committed to providing the best service to Colorado homeowners and would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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